Sponsor & Exhibition Opportunities


November 16-21, 2019, Kenting, Taiwan

Wih the success of 2011 (Japan) and 2015 (Australia) events, the Asia-Oceania Neutron Scattering Association (AONSA) is organising its 3rd Asia-Oceania Conference for Neutron Scattering (AOCNS) together with the Taiwan Neutron Science Society (TWNSS). The Conference is to be held between November 16 and 21, 2019 at the beautiful Howard Beach Resort in Kenting, which is cosponsored by professional organizations from the Australia-New Zealand Neutron Beam Users Group (ANBUG), the Chinese Neutron Scattering Society (CNSS), the Indonesian Neutron Scattering Society (INSS), the Japanese Society for Neutron Science (JSNS), the Korean Neutron Beam Users Association (KNBUA), the Neutron Scattering Society of India (NSSI), and the Taiwan Neutron Science Society (TWNSS). This meeting will bring together scientists, engineers, and stakeholders for the developments and applications of neutrons. We welcome the whole neutron community to Taiwan with a broad program to share and discuss the latest achievements and future collaborations.


AOCNS-2019 Participants

This symposium is primarily designed to bring together scientists, technologists, researchers, and engineers from industry, academia and government laboratories from to discuss the recent advances in the fields. The 1st AOCNS in Japan had 586 delegates. The statistics of the 2nd AOCNS in Australia is shown in the right where the delegates are mainly from AONSA member countries. We expect more attendance because the Taiwan Neutron Science Society (TWNSS) will also host its annual meeting and Japanese Society for Neutron Science (JSNS) will have a special parallel symposium, too. The Directors, Heads of Science and Technical Services for all of the neutron scattering laboratories in the region, with large budgets; the instrument scientists and technicians responsible for purchasing equipment; and the university/government lab-based researchers who need sample preparation equipment and complementary instruments such as microscopes, spectrometers and x-ray diffractometers will attend.


Core Organising committee members

  • • Prof. Hsiung Chou: Conference Chair, NSYSU
  • • Prof. Ya-Sen Sun: Program Chair, NCU
  • • Dr. Chun-Ming Wu: Program Vice-Chair, NSRRC
  • • Prof. Ko-Wei Lin: Financial Chair, NCHU
  • • Prof. Chun-Chuen Yang: Conf. Web Chair, CYCU

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Benefits of Sponsorship and Exhibition

  • • Reach a world of business contacts in one location.
  • • Wide acknowledgement.
  • • Direct interactions with decision makers.
  • • Neutron scattering and synchrotron x-ray are growing rapidly. For example, China is currently building its second facility CSNS, near Guangzhou and many others are under construction worldwide, notably the European Spallation Source at a projected cost of $1.5 billions EUR.
  • • Locally, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) is developing stations in its Taiwan Photon Source (TPS).
  • • Taiwan Neutron Science Society will have parallel event together. There will be additional 100 local participants.

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Benefits of Sponsorship and Exhibition

  • 1.Dragon Sponsor (sponsoring amount ≥ $30,000 USD)
  • 2.Phoenix Sponsor ($12000 ≤ sponsoring amount < $30,000 USD)
  • 3.Sika Sponsor ($6000 ≤ sponsoring amount < $12,000 USD)
  • 4.Formosa Sponsor ($1000 ≤ sponsoring amount < $6,000 USD)

Sponsorship Items


  • • Plenary Session($3500 USD)
  • • Poster Session($3500 USD)


  • • Morning Coffee ($2500 USD)
  • • Afternoon Coffee ($2500 USD)
  • • Refreshment ($3000 USD)
  • • Lunch ($8000 USD)

Delegate Services

  • • Satchel ($8000 USD)
  • • Notepad and Pen ($3000 USD)
  • • Name Badge ($8000 USD)
  • • Program booklet ($4500 USD)

Social Functions

  • • Reception ($9000 USD)
  • • Banquet ($11000 USD)
  • • Banquet ($11000 USD)

Exhibition Opportunity

  • • Presentation Exhibition ($7000 USD)
  • • Regular Exhibition ($3500 USD)
  • • Educational Exhibition ($1000 USD)

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Opportunities for sponsors

All Price in USD

Opportunities and benefits for sponsors Dragon Sponsor
Phoenix Sponsor
(< $30,000
$12000 ≤ )
Sika Sponsor
(< $12,000
$6000 ≤)
Formosa Sponsor
(< $6,000
$1000 ≤)
2-3 mins talk at conference inauguration - - -
3m x 2m exhibition board - -
Complementary exhibition registration 3 2 1 0
Logo website
Logo program booklet logo page
Logo all (chosen) plenary session all chosen chosen -
Logo all signage at venue -
Logo on notepad, pen and name badge - -
Logo on Satchel - -
One full page company provided advertisement in program booklet
One full page company provided advertisement in satchel
Opportunity to place company provided banner in registration area -
Opportunity to place company provided banner in poster area -

Opportunities for exhibitors

All Price in USD

Opportunities and benefits for exhibitors Presentation exhibition
Regular exhibition
Educational exhibition*
30 minutes talk at conference lunch time - -
3m x 2m exhibition area
Back and side walls
Organisation name in provided area
Power outlet
Complementary registration for exhibitors
(Banqet and Paid Tour are not included)
3 2 1
Distribution of your promotional items to delegates
Complementary morning, afternoon tea, and lunch
Welcome reception ticket
Access to all sessions
An exhibition manual with specifications
Additional exhibitor registration will cost $750 USD -

*Educational exhibition: For Societies, Universities, Non-profit Research Group or Centre with a very limited number of offering


Exhibition floor plan

Booth Package and basic equipments :

  • • Basic structure including 7 white walls (wall panel W100cm*D230cm)
  • • Company name display
  • • 1 table (L180cm, W60cm, H75cm)
  • • 2 Chairs
  • • 3 spotlights (14 Watts)
  • • Carpet flooring
  • • Plug Socket, 110 V; 500 Watts

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