Important Notice:
a. Attendees arrive from Taoyuan International Airport need two more hours and 30 minutes to reach the  Zuoying high-speed rail station.
b. To reach Kenting Conference Site by public transportation, KEL shuttle Bus must be taken at Zuoying HSR station or Kaohsiung International Airport.
c. The last schedule for KEL shuttle bus is 19:10 at Zuoying HSR station and 19:50 at Kaohsiung International Airport.

1. Arrive from Taoyuan International airport (Download Detail)


2. Arrive from Kaohsiung International airport (Download Detail)


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4. Time Tables



5. Abbreviation List:
a. Taoyuan International Airport (TIA/TPE)
b. Kaohsiung International Airport (KIA/KHH)
c. Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR)
d. Taoyuan Metro (TM)
e. Kenting Express Line (KEL)
f. Howard Beach Resort Kenting (Howard)

6. Contact Host Team at Airport and High Speed Rail (Download Detail)