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(Conference Head Quarter)

Howard Beach Resort Kenting is a 5-star. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and seas, the resort boasts a Mediterranean-style facade, 405 exquisite rooms blessed with stunning natural scenery. Choose to do absolutely nothing but tracing cloud patterns or stargazing, or get active with the myriad of water sports and activities.

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Caesar Park,Kenting

Caesar Park Hotel Kenting is a five-star benchmark hotel near Xiaowan beach in southern Taiwan. Here provides South Pacific ambience that rivals Bali! The bright, spacious guestrooms combine elegant design with a sense of calm and relaxation, as though you were on a South Pacific island.

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0.5 km

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Kenting Chateau
Beach Resort

Kenting Château is full of leisure and passionate romantic atmosphere. Combining with beautiful shell beach, passionate sunlight and blue ocean, Kenting Château possessed “unique” and “only” geological conditions. It is the first ever vacation resort that passed SGS International Service Certification and awarded “5-star Certification” by Tourism Bureau, which provided tourists with a top notch leisure environment, as well as offer them a beautiful and relaxed vacation.  

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2.2 km

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Full Resort Kending

Fullon Hotel Kenting seats on top of the Dayuan Mountain and oversees the vast Bashi Channel in its 5 hectares of site area. You can see the Sail-shaped Stone at the border of south Taiwan and the Eluanbi Lighthouse. Fullon Hotel Kenting provides a swimming pool, SPA, children’s pool, children’s playground, Star Hall KTV, gym, table tennis, billiards, bowling alley and arcade games suitable for you and your family. Enjoy the natural scenery of the emerald mountains and white sails sailing on the blue seas in Kenting.

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2.2 km 

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Amanda Hotel
(Muslim Friendly)






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